If I thought the two month mark would be some celebratory, flamingo pink cloud party, I was dead wrong. I feel like I’m breaking apart-constantly. It’s a continuous vacillation between feeling like my spirit is shattering into a million pieces and this desperate, roiling anger that doesn’t even feel like my own. (are there words […]


When I used to work at the humane society we’d call incoming mixed breed mutts ‘Heintz 57’s’. Spoiler alert: dogs of no discernible breed, who end up at shelters through no fault of their own, fucking rock. A ton of shelters now have ‘weekend getaway’ fostering so you can grab a dog or cat, smother […]


So I woke up this morning with a headache and scratchy throat-almost felt hungover. My first thought? “Oh fuck, I’m sick. So I should spend all day in bed…….drinking.” Ludacris, I know. Last night was a pain in the ass. I don’t know when Friday night began to automatically=GET FUCKED UP but I think it […]


So yesterday was day 2 sober. Funny part? The not drinking isn’t what sucked. It’s all the shit that comes with not having a quick, tried and true escape from reality. I’m not in the program but I think there’s a fairly famous saying in the rooms, “You don’t have a drinking problem, you have […]