Remember when I said I felt strangely numb about leaving my 7 year beach home and moving to the new furnished sublet on the water? Well that all culminated yesterday in a meltdown over a copiously dirty toaster oven. When I used to pet sit years ago for a millionaire on Treasure Island and stay […]


I think we need to remove the stigma attached to suicidal thoughts; because everyone I’ve ever known has had them. I think about suicide on a weekly basis. Not how I would personally do it, detailed plan descriptions or sketched out blueprints; but in a detached, philosophical, dare I say factual way. Death is easy. […]

#28 days

Not pertaining to rehab; though it might as well. I have been off booze, cigs, social media and kratom for a long time now but I swear to god I still manage to find other creative ways to be deviant and self destructive. I finally went to a specialist for my tennis injury and headed […]