The devil you know

I’m so lucky. I get to do that endless back and forth thing with a huge life decision…again. For the 4th time in what feels like just a few months. I applied to a job 2980 miles away. Figuring that it would be a few weeks until I heard back. Then, an additional week or two before any interview; putting me squarely in Sept/Oct. before I’d have to be out there. But my possible future boss got back to me 29 minutes after I applied. And I interviewed 24 hours after that. There are a few more steps but the snowball seems headed downhill with a quickness.

It would be financial suicide for me to bail on a lease I just signed 5/1. But I might have found someone to sublet. My landlords are old, chill hippies who don’t really stress much. At this point, the only thing keeping me in FL is in 18 months I’ll be vested to recieve $200/mo in 26 years. I kinda figure if, at 67, $200/mo is the only thing keeping me from being destitute; I’ve lived my life incorrectly. But…fuck. I haven’t jetted off to parts completely unknown like this in a long ass time. If I could get the money thing figured out, I’m pretty sure it would be a go. The thought of it is scary. And exhilarating. And the decision is all mine. Damn it.

Keep your fingers crossed I don’t drive myself mad in the meantime vacillating.

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