So this super progressive little waterfront town I”m now in celebrates Pride on 5/29. They have an all day celebration kicked off with a marching band parade, replete with a fleet of privately decorated Pride golf carts filled with locals giving out beads. That, in and of itself, was a trip and a half. None of the band members were under 60. A lot were in drag/had purple hair/wore fishnets. The vibe was amazingly warm and wacky; anything goes and that’s ok. I could have people watched silently for hours. But instead I was in the thick of things, a happy observer to new traditions of this strange and welcoming place.

The mayor gave a speech fiercely in favor of LGBTQA+. A trans councilmember inspired people from the podium and we were reminded, by a lesbian who advocates for all of us in Tallahassee, of the fact that we all need to fight for each other’s rights. The overall feel of the entire crowd was friendly, authentic, joyful; with a huge helping of we are who we are and couldn’t give a fuck how you feel about it. I dig it. My new neighbors split between the vibrator races (yes, really) at Salty’s and the amazing, gymnastic drag show at Neptune’s. I got to do both, ending the evening with new faces around the little slice of waterfront. I haven’t felt such unadulterated good fucking vibes, uncomplicated by petty bullshit, tension and strife, in a long ass time.

This weekend has been eye opening on myriad levels. Teaching Hailey how to run next to a bike without killing one of us. Learning how to not get run over by yachts while kayaking. Seeing absolutely everyone in that soft compassionate we are all the fucking same creatures light. Feeling that mutual exchange of positive, benevolent, beneficial energy and the heady excitement of new ideas growing and taking shape internally. I was reading this investigative piece by Laura Bates which ended up taking me to a forum discussing non duality and delving way into the fabric of the universe/our purpose here. Be here now. That’s all I got. But that’s also all you need.

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