Please steal this idea.

Someone please steal this campaign/marketing idea. Seriously. I’m not in advertising, but this is good. There’s this supplement powder called Calm, it’s magnesium; chill and effective. I opened a packet yesterday and it spilled out over the counter next to a credit card. White powder, credit card; mind goes to coke (don’t judge me, I haven’t done it in 2 decades). I started thinking about what it would be like if society promoted being good to our bodies, instead of glossy ads filled with smiling, gorgeous people downing alcohol, vaping and doing club drugs. What would that look like? What if health was considered cool?

When we’re kids we hate things like gross cigarettes and nasty alcohol. We play at recess and love activity. But usually sometime around puberty that shifts and darker things become enticing. A lot of that is societal marketing, specifically targeting teens. Is it possible to make loving yourself, as opposed to poisoning yourself, trendy? B12 shots instead of heroin. A bar scene with blenders and fruit instead of bottles. Shots of wheatgrass, smoothies in red solo cups. People in clubs exchanging vitamins instead of downing molly and E (is ecstasy even around anymore?). Taking the toxic ad campaigns and turning them on their ass.

Some health or fitness company, or anti-drug/wellness campaign should run with this. Health: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It. Or, even better: Love Yourself: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It. I can’t tell you how different my life (and the lives of everyone I know) would be if wellness (mind/body/spirit) was considered cool in my formative years. I could have saved years, tens of thousands of dollars given to Phillip Morris and Jack Daniels. I wish I’d known how much better being good to your body feels, as opposed to slowly destroying it.

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