Lions and Tigers and Bears

Late last week I drove out to middle of nowhere central FL. I love it out there. No traffic, just fields, trees, mist, cows, horses, and lemon groves. It’s so quiet; serene. The roads aren’t packed with people, pollution, or noise. You have room to breathe. I made a point to note the counties I was driving through, to see if there were any interesting jobs out that way. I found one. I’m kinda qualified. It would be challenging, but hella rewarding.

Change is scary. Even if you’re moving towards something exciting. It’s so much easier to stay embraced in the familiar. Nostalgia is a strong pull. Fear of the unknown and the devil you know; all that jazz. Jumping out of a plane is easier for me than breaking out of patterns and routines; even when they clearly no longer serve me. Life just feels so big right now. Like a 1600 page choose your own adventure book; and I want to choose all of the paths. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned, any road untraveled. I’m so afraid of making the wrong decision, even though I know I have to decide soon. And there is no real wrong, and nothing has to be permanent.

60 days until life as I’ve known it for 7 years is officially over. What will take it’s place?

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