Road trip

Leaving on a much needed road trip after more tattoo time today. This will hopefully complete 30+ hours of ink into flesh on my poor, sore, distressed right arm. Who knew in 2016 when I got the black and white half sleeve, how much would happen and how much time and money would be invested into a limb. I’ve always loved tattoos but I can confidently say I doubt I’ll ever get anything larger than a silver dollar after all of this.

I couldn’t be more excited to take my de facto niece and her boyfriend skydiving for the very first time. When I first jumped 15 years ago, I nearly chickened out. It’s always terrifying, but by the time you freak out, you’re strapped into someone, on a plane, and the only way down is out. I’m packing Hailey up and heading to a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere for two blissful nights away from all of my stressors. I love my beach but living with an ex who doesn’t like you, on the same block as former friends, is trying even on the best of days. He’s out March first and I wish I didn’t have a million conflicting feelings swirling around regarding our final separation. After 20 years of being each other’s go to for support, it’s rough AF, for me only, and I wish it wasn’t.

I was also super stoked to get a scholarship for a memoir class taught by a cool local writer. I never apply to shit like that because you know nothing ventured no chance of utter disappointment. But I got last minute wait listed which is a bummer. Gotta keep thinking that if it’s meant to be, it will; and just take it as a win regardless. If this is my last blog entry, it was a faulty parachute.

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