The only eclipse of 2020 is today, 12/14. That also marks six sober months. Time fucking flies. When I think of where I was, what my life looked like on day one, it feels like I’m looking back on myself a few years ago. So much has changed. Not just in my internal landscape, but also the environment around me and the people I choose to allow in my orbit. I had no idea my headspace could be so different. I’m grateful for the contrast.

Finally headed up to the town a few hours away that I’ve been inexplicably drawn to for the last few months, to check out property. Kinda feels like everything had been standing still in my world and now suddenly all of the moving parts in the machine have come alive. So many decisions. Too many variables. I need to decide on something solid so it can act like the north star; because right now, every aspect of my life is tenuous as hell.

This is one of the only times in my adult life where I’m certain I’m right where I should be.

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