I have a clear and concise vision regarding what I’m about to write, other times, like now, I just really don’t like the vibe of the last blog and feel the need to clear the air. Burn some sage, cinnamon incense. Do a few smoke rituals, scatter a handful of crushed herbs, purify crystals. Re fucking calibrate. On a soul level.

The world, and where I am in it especially, is eschewing travel and warning of a third (?) wave. We’re being urged to ignore holidays, cancel travel plans, do not, under any circumstances, go see loved ones across state lines. In less than a year, we have become terrified, isolated, masked citizens; checking death count numbers and wringing our hands. Separated from our normal routines, comforts, and any future certainty. What exactly will change with the vaccine? No one I know is eager to sigh up for guinea pig duty.

I was off yesterday and spent most of the day in the moment. How much do I wish I could just live like that all the time? 100% But, like anything else, headstands, healthy relationships or learning Latin, you only get good with repetition. It’s so ass backwards that our brains are wired to not enjoy something unless we excel at it, and yet the only way for us to gain skill is through practice. Whatever you’re currently attempting, keep at it.

I got nothing else today. Except Hightown is awesome and unless you want your mind completely and utterly warped for life, stay far, far away from Ari Aster’s first short film from AU. You’ve been warned.

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