I started a blog post about how utterly miserable today was. And it felt off as fuck. Yes, it was a shitty day. Bad news. Fucked up issues involving people and situations I have no control over. Stress, mountains of it, topped with complications and sprinkled with strife. But why dwell?

Instead, I want to give a shout out to all of the amazing women I know and love. It’s a tough time right now. We are on pins and needles looking into a bleak as fuck possible future where our rights are in jeopardy. If you’re not terrified, you haven’t been paying attention. You know the saying, “you’d rather be right than happy”? I wish I hadn’t seen this coming. There’s no satisfaction in being proven correct by that same people who said, “don’t be so histrionic/defeatist/paranoid/dramatic” 4 years ago. Yeah, well, here the fuck we are guys.

The thing is: women are fucking warriors. All of us. Even those yet unchallenged and unrealized. We have the strength of armies within us, the fire of goddesses pulsing through our veins. There is nothing we can’t accomplish if we band together. I’ve been privileged to know so damn many amazing and inspirational fighters, in my family and in my chosen tribe. These are times of trouble and we need to focus on our power.

We wait with baited breath. To see what the old white men will decide about our future. Trapped in this two party system propped up as a parody of some long forgotten ideal; a democracy for the people. In this chaos, we need to join hands. We need to keep shining, heads held high. Take Ani’s wise advice: smile pretty and watch your back.

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