Accountability post. This is to say that I will have: 1) completed my first novel (the first in a trilogy come to find out) 2) submitted package to the agents of the few published authors I know, before my next birthday in March. Before my lease is up. So I can possibly get paid and quit my soul numbing (but cake) job. I’m aware it doesn’t usually work like that.

But the characters are really real and it doesn’t feel like they’re mine so much as they’re revealing themselves to me in order to get out. In a rather demanding fashion. I’m just trying to get high and go to the beach but the incessant narrative forces pen to hand to paper and all of a sudden I’m in a world of Louisiana natives with names like V, Ilyia and Delancey. I know things about their inner feelings and relationships and what keeps them up at night. These characters are as real as my neighbors (and I like them a lot better rn actually).

How is it that there’s such a thing as fanfic (fan fiction) but not femfic (feminist fiction)? I’m not just waking up to how women are not represented accurately anywhere, but I am going over facets of life and society with a fine tooth comb and I really do not like the way ‘the fairer sex’ (see what I’m talking about?) is portrayed/treated/exploited. Hopefully my trilogy (loosley titled) Provocations will be on the right side of feminist history.

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