For some reason I’ve always liked the numbers 3 and 6. I have that thing I was glad to finally learn has a name (synesthesia) where you see numbers as colors. So, weird turn of events. I requested this book @library in July, before my road trip, before the spin out, and promptly forgot all about it. Picked it up two days ago and it’s …eerily in the vein my brain has been in for the last several weeks.

I started driving at 6am 7/30. At 7:15 a green car next to me tried to get into the (left most) lane on 75, going at least 80mph. I was clearly in his/her blind spot and had .0005 seconds to decide to turn the wheel to the left shoulder and try to gently brake. It didn’t matter, I immediately started to spin. On an 8 lane highway, during rush hour, going 80mph, my civic spun across the road doing two donuts. What was seconds felt like a calm, silent, endless bubble of time. Then my car was on the left grassy median. Nothing hit me. Not the cars I saw flying towards us. Not the trucks I’d been white knuckling next to minutes before. Spinning, at 80mph, crossing the highway twice, we hit nothing. Not even the guardrail. My dog Hailey was shaken but unhurt. I was practically vibrating, but fine.

That wasn’t what began the ‘deep dive into myself’ I consciously chose earlier this year but it felt like the Universe clearly saying, ‘yeah yo, you really do have a purpose here, but looks like you need a reminder.’ Not sure why I picture the Universe sounding like a pissed off gay dude but there it is.

It feels like I’m on the right track. And that’s something I haven’t felt in a long time.


  1. I want to read your posts but for some reason (in the wordpress reader), your text overlays your images so some paragraphs are unreadable. I have a screenshot but can’t upload images here. You might have a contact page, I’ll check.


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