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Before my friend Steve overdosed (thanks fentanyl) he had been in and out of the program for a decade. The last stretch was 18 months and he was immersing himself in the safety and support of the community; going straight from his 5th rehab to a halfway house and on to room with other sober […]


Sobriety, revelations and reckoning; I’m touching on all of them today. 325 days sober with no desire to drink and a renewed plan of self care/self love so I can roll the lens back onto myself and stop trying to help/fix other people. I need to stay in my fucking sandbox, but it’s so hard. […]

Week 1

First week in new place, not first week sober, to clarify. I’m actually 6 short weeks away from having ONE YEAR SOBER. Which is amazing. Time has truly flown. I’ve had few urges to break sobriety but one happened a few days ago. I had seen two bottles of red in the kitchen pantry. My […]


Remember when I said I felt strangely numb about leaving my 7 year beach home and moving to the new furnished sublet on the water? Well that all culminated yesterday in a meltdown over a copiously dirty toaster oven. When I used to pet sit years ago for a millionaire on Treasure Island and stay […]